How Agencies Can Best Help with Social Media in 2017

Most agencies that offer online marketing services to clients understand the importance of social media. Because social media has become such a significant component of most people’s daily online routine, an online marketing strategy is going to be incomplete without a social media component. While social media can be a powerful way to reach a target audience, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. As all the major platforms continue to grow in size and change how they allow businesses to connect with users, it’s important for agencies to keep up with the latest strategies and tactics that actually work. Since this is a topic we’re very interested in and have a lot of hands-on knowledge about, we want to take a look at some of the areas where agencies can best help their clients with social media in 2017:

Increasing Organic Reach

There was a time when any business that put in the minimum amount of effort with social media could build quite an impressive following and then reap the benefits of having significant organic reach. But as social media platforms have gotten more crowded and the companies behind these platforms have felt more pressure to boost the revenue they drive via advertising, most businesses have struggled to get the organic reach they desire. The good news is it’s still possible for businesses to increase their organic reach. The key is to understand what an audience truly works, which is something agencies can help their clients comprehend with tools like a social media analytics dashboard.

Creating Things Like Infographics and Videos

If a business uses a social media engagement dashboard, chances are they will see that content like infographics and videos perform very well. While content that generates lots of engagement is something all businesses want, that doesn’t mean producing these types of things to share is an easy process. A big opportunity for agencies is to use their expertise and resources to make it much easier for businesses to create the type engaging content that tends to perform very well on social media.

Producing the Right Content

One trap that plenty of businesses fall into is cranking out content without putting enough thought into how they’re going to distribute it and what they expect it to accomplish. As social media continues to get even more crowded, thinking that content quantity is going to win over quality is generally a losing proposition. Agencies can really help a business by identifying what the goal is for different content efforts, followed by coming up with the options that have the highest likelihood of accomplishing those goals. And with a tool that’s focused on social media management for agencies, this is something that can be done with the help of very clear data.


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